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Weekly test
Every week a test shall be conducted in Mathematics, Physics and chemistry subjects on previous week's syllabus. The test will be of objective type with negative marks.

Errors list
Errors list is a document that gives an insight into the mistakes done by the students question wise and subject wise in every Monday's test. Immediately after the Monday's examination, Error's List of each student is generated. A separate period on Tuesday is allocated in the micro schedule to rectify the errors done.

Project work
Projects play a very important role as they inculcate scientific temper, competitive spirit and zeal to learn among the students. Projects develop coordination ability and team spirit to work. They check their presentation skills too. Every week students do project work given to them.

CDF test
We believe that for the construction of strong building of subject, a strong foundation of basics should be laid. Hence, we focus on basics of the subject through our CDF (concepts - definitions - formulae) program. Every week, a test will be conducted on concepts, definition and formulae that they have learnt during that week.

Activities: The different types of activities that are conducted to the students are: Quiz, Group discussion, Mind mapping, Quiz for applying thought, Data sufficiency, Quiz for mental ability, Quiz for logical ability and Folding and Unfolding of concepts.


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