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In today's highly technological and revolutionary world it isn't difficult to be successful but selecting an appropriate path towards it is what matters the most.

We at NARAYANA IIT-OLYMPIAD SCHOOL are a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty who have a burning desire to provide quality education. These experienced hands have contributed in moulding successful careers of many students. Our uniqueness lies in excellent coaching coupled with fresh approach towards the problems. So let’s combine your potential with our excellent teaching abilities for guaranteed success.

The chief aim of establishing Olympiad schools is to bring about a tremendous change in the field of education and to give a new meaning to it. We aspire to produce future IITians, engineers and the best brains in the field of Science and Techonology.The professionals we want to produce would be the ones who guide the future of tomorrow's world and take a hold of it. Thus Olympiad School is the brain child of our Chairman

Here we strive and maintain excellence in the teaching-learning process. The complete readiness and dedication of the staff, culled from various quarters, gives their best so that the emerging minds evolve as the global leaders of the future. We are very proud to say that the students are accommodated in a very congenial atmosphere with hygiene attached hostels. There are weekly exams to continuously evaluate the progress of each student at the state level. Library facilities with mote than fifty computers connected to the internet have made available all the time. Ours is an AC campus and we see that the child gets the required comfort going through hard work each day at school.

Since our main emphasis is on EMPC (English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry),at no stage we fail to give importance to Communication Skills and Personality Development on par with MPC so that the children can face the world confidently. Ours is a unique school in its concept and system with its salient features which are widely and well appreciated by the parents. So think once again before selecting the path towards success……..

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Vice Principal Name : TIMAYYA
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Vice Principal Name : MANJU VANI.M
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(Activity)Vice Principal : SRIHARI
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